Levels I offer

I take a minimum booking time of 3 hours per shoot.

I highly relay on public transport to travel to shoots -  therefore travel expenses will be added onto the rate within pre communications / or a lift will be appreciated.

I require a release form to be signed at the beginning of all shoots.

All shoots will have a NON-refundable deposit which is 50% of the shoot rate paid in advance to cover your booking space and if yourself cancels or doesn't show up to the shoot - the other 50% of the shoot rate is requested to be paid at the beginner or the end of the shoot.<br>

Levels :                                                                        

.- Light Fashion                                                          

- Alternative Fashion                                           

- Portrait's                                                                   

- Clothing promotion / Clothing brands                                                 

- 50's Vintage Fashion   

- Portraits                                            

- Cosplay SFW                                                           

- Lingerie                                                                   

- Topless                                 * Includes any sheer lingerie and sheer tops.*

- Implied nude & Art nude                                     

Adult levels :

A chaperone will be attending each shoot. 

- NSFW Cosplay                                                      

 - Fetish & Bondage / kink & Latex