Vintage Beauty


After years of myself loving all vintage antiques and vintage clothing, I made the decision on purchasing some beautiful expensive vintage 50's themed dresses to add to my portfolio. 

I chose to work with Colin on this shoot as both his work and this portfolio complimented the vintage wardrobe I had as well as the shoot idea I had.

We started with portrait photography using my black and white 50s dress with a petticoat underneath, using the soft, natural light of the early evening. 

During this shoot I was loving how pastel and elegant the images were coming out on the back of the camera, the location Colin had found for this shoot complimented my 50's wardrobe extremely well.

We then moved on to my red 50s rockabilly dress, and into the more woodland settings, with Colin still using natural light. 

I made a quick change in the woods and then were shooting my light pink unicorn dress. Colin was a little concerned about the colour combination but he managed to make it collaborate together to make some beautiful images 

Just as the sun was setting Colin decided to move to a different spot of the location where i had changed into my sport chick look. 

Which Colin wasn't really sure about at first, but he went with the flow of the shoot and then he was amazed with how the images came out.

In the I decided to add a bit of raunch into the gym look just as the sun was setting and we shot against it to get the wonderful warm glow which is known as golden hour.

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