My modelling journey 


Within this blog post I will be explaining how and when I started modelling, including my journey within the modelling industry.

Why I started modelling :

I started modeling when I was 15 in 2014 ( I have been modelling for almost 6 years now ) while helping out some of my friends who needed models to photograph within their clothing designs that they had created in college. I ended up getting contacted by a few local photographers within Devon who wanted to collaborate with some fashion photoshoots .

I personally started modelling because I was bullied during primary and high-school. It messed up my childhood for me to the point I had left school a couple of years before everyone else did as I couldn't take it anymore. I had gone to college early instead of finishing high school to get my education and the grades I needed.

During my childhood I had a lot of people bully me in primary school and highs-chool including the friends I had, I would have rude horrible comments about my appearance and horrible names shouted at me all the time by people who were more within the popular crowd. During that period of time I had experienced a horrific situation within my life that no one should ever go through which everyone had bullied me about after they found out.

When I started modelling I felt like myself, I felt beautiful and I felt appreciated by everyone who supported me within the industry. I felt like I owned my body again and that I no longer felt 'fat' or 'ugly' like everyone had called me in school.

However It did came with a lot of negativity when I had first started modelling but over the last 6 years I have started getting more support. Modelling has really helped me gain self respect, confidence and self worth in myself after everything I had gone through in my childhood and still go through now to this day. I've lost friends, family members and even relationships over my career within the industry to the point i've had to help myself get stronger on my own throughout my journey..

Ever since I had started modelling, I have had a lot of them people who had bullied me message me over the last few years trying to get at by asking about my job within the modelling industry. I've always found it disrespectful when people from my past have tried to be an ass kisser.

Once I hit 18 I had started doing lingerie and topless shoots which then tempted me into the fetish side of modelling. When I started getting into more of the higher levels of modelling aka the adult modelling levels, where I had met a lovely bunch of models who had helped me keep myself safe within the industry

                                                                  Photographer credits : Alex Hammer 

I personally category myself within the alternative side of modelling mainly because of my tattoos and my piercings i have as well as how I dress outside of my modelling career. 

However, I don't only just model alternative and dark looks. I do have a massive wide range of looks available within my modelling where I do much lighter looks such as 50's vintage, pinup, cosplay, glamour, and many more to give me a variety of looks to my portfolio.

                                                                   Photographer credits : Pigpogm 

                                                              Photographer credits : David Austerberry 

 I am happy in my skin and I'm comfortable being in lingerie and being nude so I find it empowering when I do nude modelling. 

Even though I model nude for 60% of my career I do however still have confidence issues every now and then just like everyone else which is acceptable but my modelling career helps me build up my confidence .

During art nude shoots I still have the decency to cover myself up when the camera isn't taking images, to make the experience less awkward and more professional for myself and the photographer or models at the shoot.

                                                                   Photographer credit : Capture Liam 

More information regarding my Explicit nude and cam modeling. 

A lot of people have the wrong impression of the adult industry side of my job . 

I had started the cam girl side of the industry when I started doing more raunchy topless and nude modelling at the age of 18. I had no where to put the images from theses photoshoots onto other then my modelling portfolio on Purpleport.

Lots of my followers on my Instagram and Facebook were asking to see the uncensored versions of my photoshoots, which lead me to wanting to set up a account to share them images onto. After a couple of months on the site I had started feeling more comfortable on creating adult content that was requested upon.

I have now been using as a safe platform to sell my adult photoshoot images for just over a year now, you can find my account by searching Model_samantha into the site.

Samantha xo

                                                                    Photogrpaher credits : Edtravels