Latex Dream 


After working with Colin Winstanley since February 2020 on many of awesome shoots , I had finally tempted Colin into shooting a few more darker looks that he didn't have much knowledge and experience shooting.

We planned a Erotic Latex / bdsm shoot, which was a lot of fun to shoot as this is my regular look -

Latex and BDSM is a shoot style that I hold close to my heart and have been shooting this style since I was 18 ( for the last 3 year ). 

I personally have always loved latex and BDSM gear, it makes me feel fierce .with a sense of control and dominance - it is however one of my favourite styles to shoot but not a lot of photographers like shooting it because it is considered a dark alternative look.

Me and Colin first started the shoot out with a latex black bodysuit and O ring choker and my popular 10 inch latex heels on a bed setting. 

Colin used a simple bed setting with a light white back drop and white soft lighting to achieve this look.

I would like to make it 100% clear that a risk assessment was done before this shoot, to make sure the studio was safe to use the boots within.

My 10inch heels do come with a safety warning which states they are not made for walking in or standing in, they can cause real serious harm if they are stood up in without the correct support and guidelines put in place when wearing them.

What is BDSM :

- BDSM is a variety of often erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission and other related interpersonal dynamics. Given the wide range of practices, some of which may be engaged in by people who do not consider themselves to be practising BDSM, inclusion in the BDSM community or subculture often is said to depend on self-identification and shared experience. 

BDSM is now used as a catch-all phrase covering a wide range of activities, forms of interpersonal relationships, and distinct subcultures. BDSM communities generally welcome anyone with a non-normative streak who identifies with the community; this may include all ranging from cross-dressers, all the way to role players and rubber fetishists and much more.

- When BDSM is involved in relationships it is always safe , sane and consensual by both parties. 

How does BDSM get used within modelling ?

- Most models will use BDSM props as a focus point within images such as gags, ropes, cuffs, whips , handcuffs and etc to give off the vibe of BDSM without having it done within the images. 

- Latex shows a dominance vibe, where the models facial expression and gives off a image of power within the poses , facial expansions . 

- BDSM  is a tricky style to shoot, it is not a shoot idea that any model or photographer can just shoot. The model and the photographer has to be educated within the shoot idea and have knowledge on what they are shooting to get the shoot fitting within the theme of what you are trying to achieve. 

The second part of this shoot was shot on the 3rd of July where we re vising the BDSM look with some harness and more latex. 

We first started off with the second bed setting, where Colin had adapted it with involving a silk sheet and a bed board to make the setting look more like a bed. 

I had gotten out one of my lace sheer bodysuits which helped make a dark sub look.

After we got loads of darker erotica looks done we moved onto some more softer looks with some soft lighting and a light grey back drop to compliment the cutest lingerie sets I had on. 

You can access the full set on my 18+ site :

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