Glamour Group Shoot


My first group shoot of 2020 was a cross over shoot with Colin Winstanley in his studio, we arranged a Glamour portfolio builder where 5 photographers attended to learn a new portfolio tips and tricks. 

Colin provided the studio, studio kit and the advice and tips on how to take professional glamour shots to each photographer. 

I gave the professional standards of posing, makeup , hair and outfits to make this shoot come to life. 

This shoot involved 3 outfits, which each 5 photographers shot within there 5 minuet slots during the 3 hour shoot. 

The photographers started to turn up, they all were all friendly to work with. Colin started speaking to them regarding what they would create within the event while teaching them the basics regarding the lighting and the basic studio equipment and camera advice. Colin was great to work with during this event and he even protected me and made sure I was safe half way through the event when a photographer started to give off a uncomfortable vibe, which I thank Colin for doing.

Not only that but  I got the chance to work with 5 new photographers that I hadn't work with before . Each photographer was friendly, talkative and directed easily on poses they requested for certain shots and not to mention how professional and respectful they all were during the shoot.

Here are the references that were left about this photoshoot : 

"Had my first group shoot at Colin Winstanley on 24 February. I am new to photography (6 months) it was a fantastic experience. Colin was very welcoming and friendly, with teas, coffees and biscuits aplenty😊 The Shoot was well managed and I gained a lot of knowledge about lighting, portrait techniques, etc from Colin. Sammie the model was great and very professional, the posses she made without my direction allowed me to concentrate on the photography which was a great help. The other photographers at the shoot were a source of endless photography knowledge and very friendly. I am looking forward to the next group shoot." - Glen