Army Combat


My army combat look has been one of my absolute favourite looks I have created so far.

I have been creating my war combat inspired looks since March 2019 , It felt soo inspiring , inpowering and wonderful having my first outfit from the collection i am building created.

 My first combat outfit was heavily inspired by the Action man solider that was created in 1977. 

During planning the whole shoot, from the details of the poses, outfit, accessories to backdrops it felt like such a creative outlet. 

This was a lot of fun shooting as I was able to create a look close to my heart/

My first look was my blonde wig paired with bright orange camo pants, my chunky rock boots a black crop top with my bullet necklace that I had found in Dartmoor this year, and Colins leather jacket from his wardrobe.

We went with a plain white background to compliment the outfit the most as the outfit was very vibrant and bright.

We then moved onto a more saucy version of my Combat Barbie look where I had paired my fire print bra with the camo pants. 

Colin then had the creative idea of using a white wooden block to sit and lean on which helped make more powerful poses that suited the look of the shoot.  

I am honestly way too pleased with this look and I'm looking forward to creating the rest of my Combat looks.