About me

Here is a little more insight on more about me.

I'm 21,
Based in Exeter Devon, 
5'ft9 , petite ( size 6 - 8 , size 10 in certain clothing pieces )

I am a professional international published model who has 5+ years of professional modelling experience.

I offer professional hair ( wigs ) and makeup looks created by myself for each shoot request.

I'm a professional internationally published model who specialises in a lot of different shoot styles, while offering a wide range of variety of looks.

Not only do I model , I  am also experienced in mentoring and coaching beginner , amateur and unexperienced models who need a professional push to the right direction. 

My tattoos and piercings  :

I currently have 4 tattoos and 3 piercings.

I have my nose pierced and both my ears stretched - sadly I don't take theses piercings out for shoots.

- Left wrist : My corpse bride tattoo
- Left forearm : Harley and Joker tattoo
- Right thigh : My predator tattoo 
- Right shoulder : Freddy Kruger tattoo 

I hope to create beautiful images with you all.